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"The loan finally went through, then I started wondering what would happen to my family if something happened to me. That's when I decided to look into mortgage protection...and started a plan that works for us."

 ( MacKenzie family not pictured)                           ~ M. MacKenzie, age 49, Felton, DE


We Specialize in No Exam Insurance for Mortgage Protection Planning

Quick and easy, a simple-to-issue, simple-to-get, life insurance policy used for Mortgage Protection planning allows you to make a decision, get a plan in place within days, and go on with your life. See complete descriptions here...

You avoid the hassles of having to spend the weeks, and sometimes months required to go through a medical exam procedure, fill out long applications, and wait for some person in an underwriting department to request and receive from your doctors any medical records the department has determined are necessary to figure out how much to charge you for insurance.

We also do other insurance

That said, some of the companies we work with do offer regular life insurance which requires a medical exam including "term," "universal," "whole life," "burial insurance," stand-alone "critical illness" and "disability" insurances ~ even inexpensive "accident only" life and/or disability with return of premium. You can obtain your no-exam cost comparison on the right, fill out the short form, and talk with your local agent about what's best for you.