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Our privacy policy is very simple. We don't sell any information that is gathered when you enter this site. We're not going to use any information you provide for some dark purpose. We'll just use it to help you find the mortgage protection information you need so you can get the kind of plan in place that will protect your family if something happens to you.

If you request an application, the information you provide (like age, height/weight, etc.) and how to contact you is collected in a secure database and is sent in a secure fashion to the local state licensed agent who is responsible to contact you. We're not going to tell your friends how old you are, how much you weigh, or how much insurance you bought..

We're not inserting malicious code, running ads, or tracking your movements across the internet. Frankly, we're too busy caring for our families and serving our local communities to get wrapped up in stuff like that. We do use Javascript to help us improve the site by collecting anonymous information. It acts like a store manager that sees that "someone" came to the store and notes that they "looked around." The Javascript doesn't gather any personally identifying information; it just helps us figure out what is and what isn't interesting to you.

When you talk to one of our trusted agents, and if you choose to apply for a mortgage protection policy over the phone or online, the law and the insurance companies require that we verify who you are, where to send your mortgage protection policy, who you want to receive the money if a tragedy strikes, and how you are going to pay for the policy.

This information is required to make sure the plan is in place and the right people get the money in case something happens to you. It also has to do with anti-money laundering laws and things like that.

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