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Hi! My name is Doug Sands, and yes, that's me and my family in the picture (I'm the guy in the glasses).

Now, about our services...our home office is located in Georgetown, DE 19947 and we have local agents throughout the United States. If you ever have a concern, you may contact me directly right here....

This site and service was started to help people sort out their options. I think deciding how to help pay for the mortgage if something tragic happens should be quick and easy ~ NOT complicated and confusing.

I know that when I refinanced recently, I got at least 14 letters from marketing organizations all over the United States...and I thought "why don't we provide a simpler way for people to get an idea of what costs are involved?"

If using life or disability insurance for mortgage protection planning makes sense to you, and the cost is in your price range, I'm confident you'll want to have one of our local agents contact you to discuss the details ~ just click "request an application" and we'll do business.

                                                                                     ~ DOUG SANDS


About Our Agents:

Our agents are dedicated to their community and committed to common sense discussions about what will work best for your family. I talk with each agent about the value they have to offer and the trust that must be established to build a long-term relationship with the people in their local area. A good name goes a long way in building a good business.

Each local agent that becomes a part of our team is licensed by your state and represents highly-trusted, highly-rated companies that offer excellent products.

Many of the products offered have slight differences in what they will cover (height/weight, medications, etc.) and slight variations in what they will offer with each product (ability to convert to other plans, terminal or chronic illness benefits, disability, return of premium, etc.). Therefore, there is often a price difference between their products.

The Burks and the Parkers

Let me tell you a story...John & Marge Burks got through did Rob and Jessica Parker. Within weeks both couples got all kinds of letters about "Mortgage Protection"...both couples got to thinking "what if something happens?" So, both couples started to look into planning to protect their Mortgage, but life got complicated what with bills and all. Here's how it panned out...

The Parkers were on a tight budget, but they wanted to get something "just in case." So, they clicked through our site and eventually decided it would be best to at least get coverage on Rob. They requested an application for 3/4 of the mortgage amount. They figured if Rob passed, Jessica could pay off half the mortgage and have a little left over. A good plan.

The Parkers talked with Diane Smith, an agent of ours...and got a policy effective within a week. No invasive medical exam, it was a "what-you-see-is-what-you-get" type of policy, no long wait wondering if they'd got it or not. Simple. Quick. Easy.

The Burks had some insurance through work...enough to replace income for a while if one of them passed, but not enough to cover the mortgage. Marge clicked through our site and got some quotes. Then they got busy, bought some stuff, and never got insurance to cover the mortgage if one of them passed to the "other side."

I'll leave the conclusion of their stories up to you, after all its your story that's important. I will say I've seen the reality of these decisions made on a regular it plays out in your life will be up to you.

I hope we can help, because its important.