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"Here are some strategies that some people have put in place to protect their families in case of a tragedy. I'm not aware of your financial picture, so you'll have to decide if one of these is best for you and those you love.* Once you've got some ideas, use the engine on the right to give you an idea of costs, then click 'request an application.' Your local agent will contact you and you can go over additional details."

                                                   ~ DOUG SANDS


Full Loan Amount, Full Length of Loan, All Income Earners

We'd all like to do this one. Sometimes this is just not necessary or practical, so people choose one of the other strategies.

Half Loan Amount; Half Length of Loan, All Income Earners

This strategy is often chosen by those who want to provide for at least "their part" of the mortgage if something happens.

Full/Half Loan Amount, Full/Half Length of Loan, Certain Income Earners

People who just moved into their home and really need to keep costs down often choose a combination of the above to suit their needs.

Some is Better Than None

Money is really tight here, but it'd be much worse when tragedy strikes. This protection plan focuses on getting at least a few years of the mortgage payments covered and getting more protection later (a monthly mortgage of 2,083 works out to about $50,000 over 2 years). This person usually gets the minimum amount of coverage available according to budget.

The "Relative" or "Alien" Strategy

This strategy counts on either relatives or visitors from outerspace showing up and paying the mortgage when tragedy occurs. We haven't actually helped anyone get this kind of coverage, but its the one that some people choose. :-)


*You need to evaluate your needs for insurance, and the accuracy of the information we're providing...You are not being offered legal, professional, tax, or any other kind of advice...these are examples. You should to talk with your own tax or legal advisor to help you evaluate these things.